Origin of IKARA

We are a company founded in February 1992, which began as a martial arts store that has evolved to become, nowadays, one of the most important suppliers of martial arts and contact sports related equipment in the national market.

Our company is characterized by its familiarity and its philosophy based on professionalism with its clients. Our commitment leads us to always offer the best quality, an assured guarantee and a service in which customer satisfaction is our goal. We currently have more than 2,000 different products among our references. In addition, we have a wide variety of items in stock to be able to serve our national or international clients as soon as possible.

We distribute our products through two brands, IKARA and PRO-SANDIEGO. They are known and identified for their quality and price that have led them to be homologated by federations and martial arts associations. Our specialty, the manufacture of custom uniforms and belts, a task that we carry out with our own embroidery machine, using large-format plotter, screen printing and transfer.


Our philosophy

The concerns of our company go beyond the simple commercialization of products. Thus we have committed ourselves to the dissemination of martial arts in our country through the official sponsorship of various federations and associations. Given this vocation to participate in the promotion of the world of martial arts and thanks to the work and professionalism of Mr. Deok Lee, CEO of IKARA and expert in the world of martial arts, our company has been the promoter of the first edition of the event " Champion of Champions "that took place in Spain. This first edition had an appointment in the city of Barcelona with an approximate number of 7,000 attendees. Another event of special relevance, in which IKARA participated, was the organization of the first "International Martial Arts Gala", in which 800 teachers and students participated and some 8,000 people attended.

Currently, IKARA is fully developed and is able to meet the needs of its customers, either through its wide range of products offered or through the quality of additional services to them, and all with the sole objective of satisfying to his clients. All our current and future efforts have the same direction: to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the users of the martial arts world. At IKARA, we like to listen to our clients, that is why we attend to all your requests and suggestions, so that they allow us to continue improving our services.

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